The Customer Is Paramount....

We understand that supply and demand in the pewter industry is not a fixed constant and will fluctuate from day to day.

You will be pleased to discover that whatever your needs and requirements, however specific, Pewter Sheet Company will meet them.


Pewter Alloy Composition

Some customers will invariably require pewter alloys of different composition that will result in a more pliable metal (e.g. for modelmaking) or one that yields a more robust and durable metal.

This service is available, however, you will need to talk to us about this.


Sheet Cutting

You may require different gauges of the pewter alloys we manufacture for the different jobs you will inevitably undertake.

Although we have a standard range of gauges (see Materials) it is normal practice to produce bespoke gauges and finished sheet sizes for individual customers.



Because many of our customers are within Europe as well as around the UK, we employ reliable European Courier Services to deliver across Europe and within the UK.

We have found, over time, they are reliable and proven in the field and will and can deliver next day - on time, every time !